Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

08:34 PM

My mastermind to recruit the best long after talent.

I must know the candidate am hiring,interview does not start in that office ,it has already started from the entrance of the company.

Before the interview.

Does he look happy or morose?

Does he interact with people as he approach the interviwer?

How did he carry or comport himself?

How does he smile,is it  forced or free?

How was the look,(interlude:the eyes are the  window to the soul)

Interlude:’well the interview  question has not started’

Did he offer help to somebody as he approach the conference interview room?

How does he shake hands with the people,low or highly esteem people?

How does he walk?

How was his dressing,well dressed or is there any color riot?

How does he compose his sentences/speech?

Watch gesticulation when there is no tension or argument

How does he posture him/herself,is it smart looking or drooling

If any call comes in does he take permission from his interactee before picking the call?

If she’s a woman,is her hair well packed   or flowing about

Interlude:These are what I like to see prior to the interview

Is he full of humor making people around feel good,not frivolities?

Interlude:These are what I will like to see to hire the best talent irrespective of the age.

Will check if these things we’ve tried to see matches what we see during the interview because assessment has started before interview question.

Interlude:Just as the doctor would say the investigation has started at the time the patient walks through the door into the office.

I want to see how long he takes to talk out  the receptionist

Interlude:These  are the little things that counts for me  to hire the best .

I want to see the way he arranges his document to smartly present to me

Is he walking and looking at people faces or walking head bow and shivering?


‘Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination’

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye(linkedin.com profiler)


Comment or feedback is dearly welcome

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