HR Strategy should include back-ups to hiring new talent within or without for every position occupied in the organization.I mean there should be somebody whom we have been following for a long time now,some body in the incubator ready to be hatch so that we won’t rush into hiring new talent,since we always have limited time to fill positions, I call it back-up talent hiring strategy.


These are the signs to check if  an employee will soon quit his/her job and move on;

i.Incessant glue to social media and professional site unlike before.

ii.Taking secret leave permission to attend an interview.

iii.Constant decline in the performance and evaluation of the employee.

iv.Erractic performance of such employee unlike before.

v.Incessant and constant clashes with bosses or surbordinates.

v.Disregarding culture and values of such organization unlike before.

vi.Incessantly asking for raise or emolument,promotion.

vii.Low concentration at work unlike before.

viii.Inability to meet demands and ultimatum at set time and target.

ix.Declined interactive or communication sections without any tangible reasons with co-employees.

x.Asking for more endorsements and reccomendations from outside and inside.

xi.Being chased by headhunters incessantly unlike before.

The lists are endless and inexhaustible.

It is the work of the HR to people manage effectively to see the red flag

Now the question is what are those things this guy is doing before and not doing anymore.Ask why,you can call into a solemn meeting in a relax environment;and you can know if the talent is leaving soon and that will make you start your executive search earlier the better in order to avoid mishire when time comes to fill the position.

Hiring great talent may not be achieved at one sitting in an interview but by constantly following and spying on interested talents for about 2 yrs-6 month before;you can know a lot about the talent inside-out within the organization or out.

It needs decisive spirit and perceiving mind for us to implement this,the earlier you know a talent is going to leave the better It becomes for you to start your executive search for a new talent either 2 years or 6 month prior.

Any comments?

Owoeye akinolaoluwa,Talent Acquisition @ CL Professional Services,Taking Talent Acquisition beyond Human Imagination

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