Finding a job in a value-based world is a task and that must be settled; It is the foundation that every job seeker must settle before getting the recipes. It must be noted that all job ads including the ‘an house boy wanted, apply within’ is about 25%,but the rest 75% are unadvertised job in the business world. And the only way, the hard way to get the juicy jobs of 75% is to have the recipes.

You need Networking either vertically,horizontally,diagonally or circle,you just need networks, networking with the right people working in those interested industries looking for talents, networking with hiring managers and employers is very necessary.

Sequel to that,it is from your networks you get recommendations, recommendation is what I called Hiring Catalyst Strategy(HCS) for every job seeker, recommendations talks about your past performances and your future potentials all gotten from your networks.

Also your network will get you endorsement(bets) that you are the right candidate, that the company is not making the  mistake of hiring you .Viable endorsements can only be gotten from your circle of network with ease.

References are from your network especially those that are mentoring you,they often appear on your resume and you could use that as a powerful flash to potential hiring managers on your resume.

And last of all,as you get your Network,Recommendations,Endorsements,References ,you need an hot-shot Resume-not too long not too short,you shoot your resume into the intellectual eyes of the hiring managers and team and blowing their minds.

But there’s a red alert, all these above may not always  work in the face of the hiring managers or team.This is when the hiring team  want you to sell yourself in their face,and you need to power-sell yourself terrifically and this is based on your Talents,Skills with Abilities with past Performance Reviews,but never mind.

Remember,you need Networking,Recommendations,endorsements,references and hot-shot resume.It’s the hard way but the only way out for job seekers and the job changers

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye,Talent Acquisitions @ CL Professional Services,Nigeria.


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