When Talents make sense

When Talents make sense.




Talents are not just hired to just fill positions but to function to make the hiring team work and lead examples to success in the organization.

 Talents make sense when they go extra miles not only having impact in your so-called department alone, but also in other areas, because it’s about affecting business globally.

Talent make sense when they are able to provoke others to function, like a leader.It’s not when you are CEO,you function as a leader.(perhaps if you need a swift raise or promotion).

Ability to learn from others, following other talents as you lead, because you follow to grow your potential and advance your career fast and prolifically.

It’s an unbreakable virtuous cycle, a leader is also a follower and that is how we know humble leaders who excel, well that’s just by the way.i mean talents make sense when they are  leader and follower same time; twitter is an example (following, followers).

Everything is not about scoring high in brainteasers or aptitude test and falling short of those things above,I know this is what google is putting in place.If at the interview table and base on the candidate’s past performance review as above and this matches what his past employer says, is the kind of talent we do hire.

Talents are always the game-changers.

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye , Talent Acquisitions @ CL Professional Services, Nigeria



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