The selling Talent we need

[]The selling talent we need

Those that will show us their past performance and also duplicate such results in the area/problem focus they’re hired for.

Those that will catalyse other employees ,when they are not given the permission.

The talents that will affect business globally by their contributions ,decisions and strategy involvement in project.

Those that will stick their neck in needs, taking risk and seizing opportunities

The talent that won’t be convienient with the status quo.

Those that gives vital information to lead ahead and beat competitors.

Those that wil put their foot down against dishonesty and mismanagement in all sectors of the organization.

The people that will go extra miles when they are given one mile to go.

The people that will always ask good and thoughtful questions whenever they’re needed to make decicisions.

Those who have the candor spirit and intelligent and mature criticism with courage and confidence.

Those who will always aspire to hire talents better than them to drive the goals and objective of the organization.

Those that will take risk for themselves and others.

Those who have sense of humour which motivates and lighten spirit for team spiritness and team action.

The talents that will take appropriate actions necessary without waiting for direction or praise of employees

The people that  project the good image of the organization,commited and build good relationship with customers.

Those who will not take NO for an answer in the face of difficulty and problems ,and saying YES when the organization

Is going to expand and move ahead.

The talent that will take the slightest opportunity  for the organization and providing useful results.

The talent  that always aspire to be better than they are in five years time.

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye,Talent Acquisition @ CL Professional Services

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