Getting Out of Our Own Way: Employing a Life Strategy

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At times, we’ve all lost our way  — and finding our way back to the right path is imperative. This process can prove both confusing and painful. Often, we believe that the root problem lies externally; the wrong boss, team or organization. But, are we overlooking the obvious? In fact, looking inward might just be the best place to begin. Truth be told, we put enough obstacles in our own career paths to last more than a lifetime. When it comes down to it — we are usually right there in the mix, adding to the fog.

What if you could find that vital guidance, that mantra of direction, to actually get out of your own way once and for all? Well, developing a life strategy may be the needed prescription. It’s not fluff — it’s just plain smart.

We assume we’ll traverse through our careers (and our lives…

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Sunday Reading: December 22, 2013 – Negotiation, Earning vs. Learning, and Analytics

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Sunday reading for December 22, 2013:

1. Is it okay to call a post inspiring? Well I’m going to, because inspire is what Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan does in her recent Linkedin post about salary disclosure. Ryan reminds the reader that getting what you’re worth is (among other things) about having conviction around it and not being willing to settle. This advice falls under the category of “easier said than done”, but it’s a fresh enough take on the subject of salary negotiation that I highly recommend checking it out here.

2. I don’t know how I’m just reading this one (it’s from 2009), but former entrepreneur turned VC Mark Suster has a great post up on Both Sides of the Table about the importance of determining which of two career stages you’re at before stepping into any new role. Is it time for you to learn or…

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The selling Talent we need

[]The selling talent we need

Those that will show us their past performance and also duplicate such results in the area/problem focus they’re hired for.

Those that will catalyse other employees ,when they are not given the permission.

The talents that will affect business globally by their contributions ,decisions and strategy involvement in project.

Those that will stick their neck in needs, taking risk and seizing opportunities

The talent that won’t be convienient with the status quo.

Those that gives vital information to lead ahead and beat competitors.

Those that wil put their foot down against dishonesty and mismanagement in all sectors of the organization.

The people that will go extra miles when they are given one mile to go.

The people that will always ask good and thoughtful questions whenever they’re needed to make decicisions.

Those who have the candor spirit and intelligent and mature criticism with courage and confidence.

Those who will always aspire to hire talents better than them to drive the goals and objective of the organization.

Those that will take risk for themselves and others.

Those who have sense of humour which motivates and lighten spirit for team spiritness and team action.

The talents that will take appropriate actions necessary without waiting for direction or praise of employees

The people that  project the good image of the organization,commited and build good relationship with customers.

Those who will not take NO for an answer in the face of difficulty and problems ,and saying YES when the organization

Is going to expand and move ahead.

The talent that will take the slightest opportunity  for the organization and providing useful results.

The talent  that always aspire to be better than they are in five years time.

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye,Talent Acquisition @ CL Professional Services

When Talents make sense

When Talents make sense.




Talents are not just hired to just fill positions but to function to make the hiring team work and lead examples to success in the organization.

 Talents make sense when they go extra miles not only having impact in your so-called department alone, but also in other areas, because it’s about affecting business globally.

Talent make sense when they are able to provoke others to function, like a leader.It’s not when you are CEO,you function as a leader.(perhaps if you need a swift raise or promotion).

Ability to learn from others, following other talents as you lead, because you follow to grow your potential and advance your career fast and prolifically.

It’s an unbreakable virtuous cycle, a leader is also a follower and that is how we know humble leaders who excel, well that’s just by the way.i mean talents make sense when they are  leader and follower same time; twitter is an example (following, followers).

Everything is not about scoring high in brainteasers or aptitude test and falling short of those things above,I know this is what google is putting in place.If at the interview table and base on the candidate’s past performance review as above and this matches what his past employer says, is the kind of talent we do hire.

Talents are always the game-changers.

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye , Talent Acquisitions @ CL Professional Services, Nigeria









Finding a job in a value-based world is a task and that must be settled; It is the foundation that every job seeker must settle before getting the recipes. It must be noted that all job ads including the ‘an house boy wanted, apply within’ is about 25%,but the rest 75% are unadvertised job in the business world. And the only way, the hard way to get the juicy jobs of 75% is to have the recipes.

You need Networking either vertically,horizontally,diagonally or circle,you just need networks, networking with the right people working in those interested industries looking for talents, networking with hiring managers and employers is very necessary.

Sequel to that,it is from your networks you get recommendations, recommendation is what I called Hiring Catalyst Strategy(HCS) for every job seeker, recommendations talks about your past performances and your future potentials all gotten from your networks.

Also your network will get you endorsement(bets) that you are the right candidate, that the company is not making the  mistake of hiring you .Viable endorsements can only be gotten from your circle of network with ease.

References are from your network especially those that are mentoring you,they often appear on your resume and you could use that as a powerful flash to potential hiring managers on your resume.

And last of all,as you get your Network,Recommendations,Endorsements,References ,you need an hot-shot Resume-not too long not too short,you shoot your resume into the intellectual eyes of the hiring managers and team and blowing their minds.

But there’s a red alert, all these above may not always  work in the face of the hiring managers or team.This is when the hiring team  want you to sell yourself in their face,and you need to power-sell yourself terrifically and this is based on your Talents,Skills with Abilities with past Performance Reviews,but never mind.

Remember,you need Networking,Recommendations,endorsements,references and hot-shot resume.It’s the hard way but the only way out for job seekers and the job changers

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye,Talent Acquisitions @ CL Professional Services,Nigeria.



HR Strategy should include back-ups to hiring new talent within or without for every position occupied in the organization.I mean there should be somebody whom we have been following for a long time now,some body in the incubator ready to be hatch so that we won’t rush into hiring new talent,since we always have limited time to fill positions, I call it back-up talent hiring strategy.


These are the signs to check if  an employee will soon quit his/her job and move on;

i.Incessant glue to social media and professional site unlike before.

ii.Taking secret leave permission to attend an interview.

iii.Constant decline in the performance and evaluation of the employee.

iv.Erractic performance of such employee unlike before.

v.Incessant and constant clashes with bosses or surbordinates.

v.Disregarding culture and values of such organization unlike before.

vi.Incessantly asking for raise or emolument,promotion.

vii.Low concentration at work unlike before.

viii.Inability to meet demands and ultimatum at set time and target.

ix.Declined interactive or communication sections without any tangible reasons with co-employees.

x.Asking for more endorsements and reccomendations from outside and inside.

xi.Being chased by headhunters incessantly unlike before.

The lists are endless and inexhaustible.

It is the work of the HR to people manage effectively to see the red flag

Now the question is what are those things this guy is doing before and not doing anymore.Ask why,you can call into a solemn meeting in a relax environment;and you can know if the talent is leaving soon and that will make you start your executive search earlier the better in order to avoid mishire when time comes to fill the position.

Hiring great talent may not be achieved at one sitting in an interview but by constantly following and spying on interested talents for about 2 yrs-6 month before;you can know a lot about the talent inside-out within the organization or out.

It needs decisive spirit and perceiving mind for us to implement this,the earlier you know a talent is going to leave the better It becomes for you to start your executive search for a new talent either 2 years or 6 month prior.

Any comments?

Owoeye akinolaoluwa,Talent Acquisition @ CL Professional Services,Taking Talent Acquisition beyond Human Imagination