Every Hiring Manager is interested in your past achievement, Project, and work. What have you done in the past, what have you accomplished in the past that will enable you to sell yourself terrifically to the hiring team. This is what I called performance review of yourself: to present/sell yourself to get the desire job and mind you, you are to present yourself at that interview table vigorously with full-bridge energy at their faces ,it’s a war you must win within a speck of time.

For those who think they don’t have past achievement since they are fresh graduate let me jog your memory: there has been a time when you help your mum solve the problem of getting a recipe for  a particular food. You got the recipe together and came about the place to buy at lowest cost and you mobilize and motivate your young ones to set for the meal and finally you got a good tasty meal and your mum says excellent, wao that’s performance HR job seeker can use(how you motivate your team sibling).Marketing&Procurement(how you shop and procure the items from the producer or retailer).Accounting can sight he was able to keep record and prices  of the recipe and know the cost prices and selling prices.

Am doing this just to allay your fear that you  actually have a past achievement and this is how you show the hiring manager the ability to think and apply whatever you’ve experience.We are not talking about the number of experiences or the the years but out of the experiences  what have you  achieved.


Problem will involve the problem you faced at that time.

Strategy;the strategy you employ with your team participation and roles of strategy played

Result:Not just any result,give us the result in metric/value.For instance; after the problem is solved we are able to reduce the time usually consume from 12hours to 5hours or we are able to increase profit from 25% to 65%.This is when you show what you’ve got to the hiring team or the hiring manager which must not be missing on your  resume.

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye:Talent Acquisition @ CL Professional services,Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination.



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My goal is to take Talent Acquisition beyond human imagination,talent are very rare to choose and all my passion to get true talent has taken me to this point.I love Cooking and Adventure,enjoy.

Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination 2

Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination  2


Does he look happy or congested?

Does he ask for permission to sit?

How does he sit nervously or gently?

Was he able to tell us what he observed in the company by asking questions?

How is he sitting slouching or erect?

How did he answer the question  straight forward to the answer or merry-go-round answers? (Interlude:Ability to summarize his answers  in few minutes)

Did he ask good questions about the organisation and not boohoo questions?

Did he have a fixed gaze/eye contact on me during the interview?

(Interlude: showing confidence)

Did he make any comment/providing  ideas  to help the organization?

Does he easily gets angry or a leer look to  question like ‘tell us about your weakness’?

Is he talking with full energy  and liveliness when I ask him to talk about his past achievement?

Is he having full concentration and not distracted may be looking at phone or here and there,picking phone calls or reading text?

Does he talk with live or with mood during the interview?

What are the list of hobbies he has(counting 6 to 10 means he must got something(abilities) to offer to the organization)?

How does he outline answers to questions systematically or precept by precept?(Talking about the problem he encountered the strategy and the metric result he achieved(Interlude:It shows personal organization)

How does he compose his words,is it short and understandable?

Does he have the ablity to get my tough  question once and understand?

Does he interpret my tough questions in seconds without asking further explanation?

Does he gesticulate matching his words when answering tough question?

Funnily,does he ask for a  glass of water?( which showing  confidence)


1.Tell me about yourself.

A  said  ‘What are those things you are looking for in this job,smart question to me. B begins to to  tell me his skills and abilities I want to hear ,because he pays  attention to the advert information and he know the interviewer before hand…I would hire  B because he has shown interest in the company.

2.He must be  able to outline his most outstanding performance pertaining to the job he wants in the organization not that he wants to be in R&D and he’s telling me  his sale approach performance.He cant just tell me  any achievement(Interlude:To ascertain independent  skills)ability to get along when other are failing.

3.Problem solving skills questions at the table, I should ask pertaining to the job area/role to be performed in organization and how long it takes him,I want to hear how he analyses  to arrive to the final result

4.Decision taking skills question at the table, I would ask pertaining to the role he’s expected to perform in the organisation,how long does it take him to make such impromptu decision at the table and how he was able to analyse his way to the final decision. I want to hear it systematically,line on line, precept by precept

5.Has he ever work in a  team before to ascertain his dependency sense,ability to get along with others,flexibility , teachability and unionism to  achieve the goals of the organization.

6.Maturity and emotional test:has he ever  experience a bad incidence before(outlining his answer systematically-shows he’s organized),how does he cope,how did he get out of the emotion.Has he ever seen a situation when his emotion override his thinking ,walk me through it and vice versa(Interlude:Maturity at work is an edge)

7.Leadership role:Has he being a leader before,was he able to develop his team/member,what complex situation was he able to walk through with his team(I wanna hear the situation encountered,the team strategic led,the metric result)

Interlude:Ability to work alone,work with others,lead people is one of the all round measure of talents

8.How often does he gets feedback/comment  about his relationship and impart on people of past work and achievements.

9.Any relevant endorsement/reference from those he influenced  and neccesarily work with before

10.Tell me that single thing you are overwhelmed  about (interlude:it must be relevant to the job he’s going to be hired for and to know his strength,abilities ,skills and talent further)

Next is what I would like to see after the interview.

Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination.

Owoeye Akinolaoluwa.

Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

08:34 PM

My mastermind to recruit the best long after talent.

I must know the candidate am hiring,interview does not start in that office ,it has already started from the entrance of the company.

Before the interview.

Does he look happy or morose?

Does he interact with people as he approach the interviwer?

How did he carry or comport himself?

How does he smile,is it  forced or free?

How was the look,(interlude:the eyes are the  window to the soul)

Interlude:’well the interview  question has not started’

Did he offer help to somebody as he approach the conference interview room?

How does he shake hands with the people,low or highly esteem people?

How does he walk?

How was his dressing,well dressed or is there any color riot?

How does he compose his sentences/speech?

Watch gesticulation when there is no tension or argument

How does he posture him/herself,is it smart looking or drooling

If any call comes in does he take permission from his interactee before picking the call?

If she’s a woman,is her hair well packed   or flowing about

Interlude:These are what I like to see prior to the interview

Is he full of humor making people around feel good,not frivolities?

Interlude:These are what I will like to see to hire the best talent irrespective of the age.

Will check if these things we’ve tried to see matches what we see during the interview because assessment has started before interview question.

Interlude:Just as the doctor would say the investigation has started at the time the patient walks through the door into the office.

I want to see how long he takes to talk out  the receptionist

Interlude:These  are the little things that counts for me  to hire the best .

I want to see the way he arranges his document to smartly present to me

Is he walking and looking at people faces or walking head bow and shivering?


‘Taking talent acquisition beyond human imagination’

Akinolaoluwa Owoeye( profiler)

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